A partnership in training expertise

At 3t EnerMech, we believe in the potential of our people. Empowering our workforce and nurturing imaginative thinking helps us to deliver a responsive service that result in tangible benefits.

3t EnerMech delivers learning solutions locally, using our powerful blend of world-class training and innovative workforce development technologies and solutions.

Our expertise and quality standards are combined to guide individuals and employers through the training journey to create safer, smarter and sustainable workforces for the future.

Our approach


Together, 3t EnerMech has an unflinching focus on safety, delivering accredited courses that embed and enhance workforce safety and development. Our partnership provides a unique offering that draws on EnerMech’s experience and track record, alongside 3t’s world-class technology and management services, to deliver best-in-class learning experiences tailor-made for you.


We believe in the potential of our people. Empowering our workforce and nurturing imaginative thinking to deliver a responsive service that result in benefits for you. Our expert instructors deliver a variety safety, skills and technical courses to site, facility or asset. Building close working relationships to enable us to earn your trust, gain deeper understanding and create truly integrated training solutions.


By harnessing our collective expertise, our solutions drive compliance, increase competency and help to meet current and future workforce development needs. This bespoke, customer-first approach enables you to create a safer, smarter, sustainable workforce that will in turn, increase the operational efficiency of your business.

We help to create safer, smarter and sustainable workforces that can dramatically increase the future prosperity of industry in that region.

About 3t Energy Group

At 3t Energy Group, we harness the power of technology to transform training and enhance performance, enabling the people and companies in the global energy sector to work safer, smarter and more efficiently. To achieve this we use groundbreaking new technology that delivers world-class, industry-focused solutions across three key pillars – Training, Simulators, and Software and Technology.

We have over 350 people from 17 different nationalities working across 8 countries to serve our global client base.

About EnerMech

Established in 2008, we have a 50-year heritage through acquisition, and offer all of our services in over 48 facilities across seven regions. We now have over 4,000 personnel working both on - and offshore across the globe.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with a greater depth of technical support for engineering analysis, design, diagnostics and maintenance performance improvement with an uncompromised focus on safety and a promise to provide a high quality service for a reasonable cost.

Together, we work with the world's leading businesses.

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